About Karen Capili

Karen Capili is one of a new generation of fashion designers who combines originality and imagination to create a line of couture and ready-to-wear that defines the personalities of the women who wear it.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Capili came to the United States in 2000 and was highly sought-after by both manufacturers and retailers to provide expertise on color, style, texture, design and marketing. Capili settled in Los Angeles and quickly established herself as a force on the West Coast fashion scene.

After several years in the industry, helping manufacturers keep up with ever-changing trends and working with retailers to identify the most exciting styles and looks, Capili decided to focus her energies on creating her own line of apparel. She began her first line in 2011, inspired by her father's work as a Filipino illustrator and her mother's career as a successful entrepreneur. Capili's designs are a clear reflection of an evolving artist who is fascinated by fashion, multiculturalism, bold colors, divergent influences and pride for her native Pacific island homeland.

As a designer, Capili is attracted to the grandeur and majesty of the Victorian era, which is a recurring theme in most of her designs. She often balances this formal look with a lighter, more fun interpretation using bright colors and unique textures for a completely unique and somewhat contradictory combination.

Capili designs for the young, contemporary woman, beginning in her 20s, when she is starting to discover her unique style; through her 30s, as she becomes more confident in her fashion choices; and, finally, seeing her through her 40s, as her look becomes a clearer indication of her personality.

Capili currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband Jesse.

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